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Post  Snow on Fri Jan 14, 2011 2:01 am

(NOTE!: If any one tries to play a god-modded character they will either be summarily denied or will be eliminated in game with extreme prejudice. We wanna have fun here people. Not deal with immaturity. However it is based on the Administrators definition of god-mode. We just don't want characters who simply can't die. Hey if they can come back that's fine. And remember, there is more then one type of death. =D Please create a new thread for all character submissions.)
Name of Player:
Age of Player:
Name of Character:
Age of Character:
Race:(Note: A race counts as a sub-type of a species. Like a Vampire is a race not a species. Multiple species can be inflicted with vampirism.)
Appearence: (at least a paragraph or a picture)
Home World:(Note: there is a list of the currently known and inhabited worlds on a different forum)
History: (Note: if you are bringing in a character from outside the galaxy he/she must have a valid reason as to how he/she got here. I.E. Inter-dimensional Rift, Space Traveler, ETC.)
Personality: (at least a paragraph, please)
Special Abilities:
Weapon(s) of Choice:
(All applications will be reviewed by a Moderator or an Administrator. If you are denied we will tell you why.)

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