Character Application: Blaine

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Character Application: Blaine Empty Character Application: Blaine

Post  Snow on Sat Jan 15, 2011 11:28 pm

(Blaine is the character of Silentcooaid. He did it wrong, So I fixed it.)
Player name:stephen
Player age: 18
Character: blaine
Age: 26
History:the prince of ceres he roams around the galaxy shirking his roayle duties because they are dull.He was born with myomer instead of muscle giving him increased speed strenght dexterity and agilitiy. This ceran is an avid drinker and will become violent if his drink is disturbed. Blaine is a fun loving kind of guy who has horr-ible tendencies.
Eye: gold
Build:hockey players
Special abilities: 9x speed strenght agility and dexterity of a normal human
Fluent in 11 languages
Equipment: 4 desert eagles holstered on his hips and under his arm pits and 6 mags
Two combat knives in boots, one blood red trench coat, black combat boots a dragonskin wifebeater winter camo pants oakley brand sunglasses and an auto grapple gun plus one towel and a touchscreen camera phone one porn mag

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Character Application: Blaine Empty Re: Character Application: Blaine

Post  Silentcoolaid on Mon Jan 24, 2011 11:17 pm

Added history
Being a denizen of the techno-magic sector blaine is known to frequent all srctors of sculptor dwarf

Added equipment
When in the magic sector blaine trades the pistols for dual longswords with +2 enchantments
He also has a ring of summon creature IX
Added special abilities: after many years of tracking and trainig blaine's senses are superb in quality being able to discern species he has encountered via smell can see in low levels of light and can isolate footfalls in a crowded nosiy room. Due to his muscles being myomer blaine's metabolism reacts differently than a normal cerans increasing his already high tolerance for alchole


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