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Rules of the RP. Empty Rules of the RP.

Post  Snow on Sun Jan 16, 2011 12:19 am

OOC Rules:

Rule Number 1: There are going to be various types of people joining this role play. Any sort of prejudice or bigotry will NOT be tolerated. Don't be immature. If you don't like someone don't take it out on their character or openly and knowingly insult them. Just leave and make the forum better for everyone else. Or you can get kicked your choice.

Rule Number 2: Odds are there is going to be erotic rp that will happen eventually, if you feel the need to get graphic start your own thread or ask a mod or an admin to create one specifically for you and your partners character.

Rule Number 3: Please for my own blood-pressure levels take care when creating characters. If they seem to outrageous they will be denied, unless you talk it over with an admin or mod and are given special administrative permission to play such a character. But those special administrative characters will have little to no bearing on storyline. They will mainly only be used in Nancy's or be used to eliminate other god-modding characters.

Rule Number 4: If you suspect anyone of god-modding please inform an administrator or moderator and there post will be reviewed. First offense will be a warning, second offense will have them removed from that storyline, and the third and final offense will result in there account being permanently banned from the forum. Also there character will be placed on the "Wall of Shame." Don't go there please.

Rule Number 5: All characters must undergo review from one of the mods or admins before they are allowed to be played.

Rule Number 6: Once accepted depending on your character will dictate where you are allowed to start.

IC Rules:

Rule Number 1: Everything you do has consequences whether good or bad. We don't care if you decide to start murdering characters left and right, its just when we send in the Brute Squad we don't want to hear you complaining.

Rule Number 2: Remember even in character you can offend someone with racial slurs and prejudice. If they feel the need to horrible maim your character because of it we don't want to hear you complain. Character personalities greatly differ.

Rule Number 3: Once again, Please do NOT GOD MODE! >_<

Rules That Don't Apply Anywhere, But Apply Everywhere.

Rule Number 1: Don't Panic.

Rule Number 2: People In Glass Houses, Sink Ships.

Rule Number 3: Don't Drop The Banana. (It's A Good Source Of Potassium.)

Rule Number 4: Do Not Taunt Midgets.

Rule Number 5: Sanity Is A Relative Term.

Rule Number 6: Don't Forget To Bring A Towel.

Rule Number 7: In Case Of Bar Fight Throw Table.

Rule Number 8: Schroedingers Cat is Dead. (EDIT: Schroedinger's Cat Is Alive.)

Rule Number 9: Waranty Void If Seal Is Broken.

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