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Character Application: Seraph Empty Character Application: Seraph

Post  Snow on Sun Jan 16, 2011 6:00 am


(Seraph is a special Administrative Character. He will have little to no bearing on storyline events. He is available for general RP in Nancy's though. ;D )

Name of Player: Billy
Age of Player: 23
Name of Character: Seraph
Age of Character: Physically 23, Actual age is 246
Species: Human
Race: N/A
Appearence: Seraph is 6'2'' weighs 240 pounds, has stone blue eyes, short spiky black hair, a scar running down his right eye and a tattoo of the Celtic Trinity on his right shoulder.
Home World: Toryl
History: Seraph was born on Toryl and grew up as a warrior. He became an accomplished fighter, but at a young age it was realized he possessed incredible psionic abilities. One day Seraph was in a bar where he met his current employer Snow. He didn't know who or what Snow was but challenged him to the game of drink. He actually died during the contest but was resurrected by Snow. Snow revealed himself as a god and was impressed at Seraphs foolhardy determination. He placed Seraphs soul in a Phylactery in his lair so that if his body was ever destroyed Seraph could not be truly killed. He would simply get a new body. He has been in the employ of Snow for over two centuries. Seraph now travels the galaxy as an agent for his deity. He along with his partner and friend Niu are part of the galactic peace keeping forces. Also, Seraph is a Reaper. Since Snow is the resident deity of Death, Judgment, and Fate Seraphs duties also lie in judging the souls of the dead. If Seraph appears before you it is either because you are about to die, he is there to kill you, or you happened to be in the same bar as him. Hopes it's the third. If Seraph is the reaper sent to collect your soul you were either someone of great importance or did something very bad.

Personality: Seraph is rather easy going and calm. He loves to drink and have a good time, he is also a huge flirt and if he can will go after anyone of the female persuasion, including males sometimes. However Seraph has a short fuse and if you push his buttons you will not like what you see.

Special Abilities: Seraph possesses incredible Psionic powers.

Biofeedback: Seraph is able to withstand injuries that would otherwise kill most people.

Claws of The Beast: If Seraph ever loses his weapons he can turn his hands into viciously sharp claws.

Conceal Thoughts: Seraph is able to close his mind from any other Psionic.

Dissolving Touch: Seraph can imbue his hands/claws with a horrible acid.

Dissolving Weapon: Seraph can imbue his weapons with a terrible acidic aura.

Concealing Amorpha: Seraph can cover himself in a quasi-real membrane that renders him invisible to the naked eye and scent.

Dimension Door: Seraph can open a doorway through dimensions to move to any location he so desires. He can also use the door on others and, close it at will. This effectively turns it into a weapon.

Envenom: Seraph can imbue his hands/claws and his weapons with a horrible poison.

Catapsi: Seraphs mere presence renders other less powerful Psionic creatures powers useless.

Breath of The Black Dragon: Seraph can breathe a terrible acid dealing incredible amounts of damage to both creatures and objects.

Form of Doom: Seraph can in times of great need (When someone really pisses him off.) turn in a frightening and deadly tentacled beast. Six lashing tentacles sprout from his back dripping with acid and poison. Each tentacle has an extremely sharp claw on the end of it and can tear through anything. His hands become terrible claws dripping with venom. His skin becomes a slick ooze-like substance and his eyes become completely black. All of his senses are heightened and he can essentially see no matter what. His eyes can see across all spectrum's of visible light and also infrared. His strength his increased ten fold and he strikes fear into the hearts of anyone who sees him in this form.

Chosen Abilities:

Soul Prison Link: Seraphs mind, personality, and soul are actually kept in his masters lair. If Seraphs body is destroyed the link is broken and everything that makes Seraph, Seraph is still kept on the physical plane. He just needs a new body.

Vampiric Regeneration: Seraph was blessed by his deity, who is a vampire with the regenerative capabilities of one.

Nail To The Sky: Seraphs ultimate ability lies in being able to effectively nail his opponent to the sky. Almost no creature in the galaxy is capable of surviving this short of divine intervention. Using his incredible powers Seraph causes his enemy to essentially take off and into the outer atmosphere of the planet essentially putting them into orbit. If they survive that part of the trip then they must survive the icy cold vacuum of space. Where temperatures reach 2.725 Kelvin. (That's really, REALLY COLD! -270 Celsius or -455 Fahrenheit) If the survive the vacuum and the extremely cold temperatures then they must now survive the extreme heat of re-entry. (1650 Celsius or 3000 Fahrenheit.) Now if they manage to survive that (Which I doubt they'd get this far.) they have to survive the free fall. Once the subject reaches Terminal Velocity they have themselves a nice trip through the cold upper atmosphere until they reach the inner atmosphere. And when the finally hit the ground if they survive the kinetic forces on impact. He'll just find some other way to kill them.


Seraph actually travels the galaxy for Snow exploring new worlds and making sure no outside threats try and come in. As for domestic violence among the galaxy he only gets involved if it starts spreading to multiple systems. The ship he actually travels the galaxy in is actually a living ship called Severance. The ships brain is actually a tiny little creature, in fact it's a scorpion he's named Scylla. Scylla is both the ships computer and Seraphs little space pet. He takes care of Scylla and Scylla takes care of the ship. Even if Seraph is not on board Scylla is capable of flying the ship and using all systems necessary to protect itself. The ship is outfitted with the latest Rail, PPC, and Laser Weaponry. It even has a missile bay armed with Mark XIII Nuclear Warheads, and XRM-300 Neutron Missiles. The nukes have a yield of twenty gigatons. The XRM-300 is an experimental weapon using a material called Red Mercury. It causes a massive flux of energy eliminating any living organism but causing no collateral damage. The ship also has a full medical bay and is capable of housing twelve fighters, or up to a maximum of six mechs.

Seraph Actually uses his cargo bay to house his Mobile Suit and that of his friend Niu. Seraphs personal Gundam is a transformable one based on the Kyrios model. And his friend Nius is completely custom called Pariah.

Weapon(s) of Choice: Seraph uses a pair of twin Long Swords. One is considered a good weapon named Lohengrin. The other is considered an evil weapon named Apocalypse. Lohengrin is crafted from Alchemical Silver and imbued with several magical enhancements making it a rather special weapon. It can slice through anything and can cause all types of elemental damage. However the sword will not harm anyone with a good soul. It will however take the soul into it self for judgment. Apocalypse is similar to Lohengrin however, it is crafted from Dark Steel not Alchemical Silver. Like Lohengrin it can cut through anything, however this is where the similarities end. Apocalypse's special ability is not causing elemental damage it is instead capable of draining the very powers, abilities, and very life of the person it cuts. Also, like the Lohengrin it can absorb souls for later judgment and will not harm an evil person.

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