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Character Application: Abiteth Empty Character Application: Abiteth

Post  Ulric Tlaloc on Mon Jan 17, 2011 12:50 am

(Approved, Abiteth is a special character and will have little to no bearing on storyline. But is open for RP in Nancy's.)

Name of Player: Andrew
Age of Player: 19
Name of Character: Abiteth
Age of Character: Stopped counting long ago
Species: Troll
Race: Half-Dragon
Appearance: He is a seven and a half foot tall greenish-red scaly troll with dragon wings four bone spikes on each shoulder pointing up four horns on his head and numerous smaller spikes on his arms he also wears a still beating human heart attached to a shortsword in his ear

Home World: Toryl

History: Upon escaping from slavery in a drow city he set out to train himself in whatever way he needed to get rid of his greatest weakness. He trained as a fighter for a long period of time often being sent to destroy halfling monasteries and quell uprisings. During one of his jobs he heard of a way to get rid of his weakness by studying warlock tactics and then learning the ways of red dragons. He achieved his goal by become a full fledge red dragon disciple. He eventually made his way to Nancy's Tavern in search of more work where he met Seraph and Niu. he now accompanies them in trying to maintain order in the galaxy.

Personality: Abiteth is uncommonly smart for a troll. he enjoys smashing things as any fighter would but knows when not to.

Special Abilities:

Regeneration: Abiteth can quickly regenerate from any bodily injury including lost limbs.

Fire Breath: Abiteth is capable of breathing fire.

Immunity to Fire: Just as it sounds.

Acid Resistance:

Personal Grafting: (allows him to use his own bones to form spike on his body by removing thebone and forcing it into another bone where he wants the new spike to be),

Temporary Invisibilty: Abiteth can for a short period of time render himself invisible.

Eldritch Blast: Abiteth can fire a blast of non-elemental magical energy.

Flight: Just as it sounds he can fly.

Brimstone Blast:(Adds fire damage to his next Eldritch Blast.)

Vitriolic Blast:(adds acid damage to his next Eldritch Blast.)

Devil's Sight( allows him to see in any darkness.)

Void Sense(he can effectively see even if stricken blind.)

Hideous Blow:(channels magical power into his next melee attack.)

Frenzy:(he goes into a deathless frenzy gaining more power and is not able to be reasoned with or spoken to except by those close to him)

Equipment:full plate of silent moves(does not make metal on metal banging clanging or scraping)
Weapon(s) of Choice: claws, biting, spikes, huge halbard, full blade, breath weapon

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