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Character Application: Chigaru Empty Character Application: Chigaru

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Name of Player: Zelm

Age of Player: 22

Name of Character: Chigaru, "The Shepard", "The Soulwarden"

Age of Character: Unknown

Species: Yugoloth

Race: Arcanaloth

Appearence: Chigaru is a 6' tall, gray-robed jackal-headed demon, with twin ivory horns, about four inches long, that he stick up between his ears. He carries two small bags attached to the belt around his waist, one containing his own personal library, the other containing his personal ship.

Home World: Originally exited from a portal in the city of Waterdeep, on Toryl. Originally from the Four Furnaces of Gehenna

History: Prior to his exile, Chigaru spent the majority of his life in The Wasting Tower of Khin-Oin, with the then-lord of the tower, Anthraxus the Decayed. He was Anthraxus's spy and assassin for countless decades. Eventually, though, all rulers fall from power, and Anthraxus was no different. When he was removed from his throne, all his forces were divided up by the new lord of the tower.

When this happened, Chigaru returned to The Tower Arcane, his birthplace, and started studying souls, and their final rewards and punishments. As he was studying, though, something unprecidented happened...something snapped inside Chigaru's head. He realized that, in the grand scheme of things, he was useless. He was just a contractor for mercenaries, and a spy, and an assassin. Most of the beings he killed didn't even stay dead. So he decided the change. He started collecting souls from his brethren, secretly judging them, and giving them to the appropriate deity for their morals and beliefs.

This couldn't go on forever, least not secretly. After the first century of doing this, he was discovered, and forced to flee his home, under pain of permanent death, and so, when the next wizard tried to summon a member of his race, he hijacked the spell so that he was summoned instead.

Since arriving in Sculptor Dwarf, he has begun anew his plans to make a name for himself, and has started ferrying souls to their final destinations again. This has earned him a few titles among the populace of the world of Toryl, including The Shepard, and The Soulwarden.

Personality: Chigaru is a kind, gentle, and wise person, despite being from a race that is generally associated with evil. He has taken it upon himself to ferry souls to their appropriate destinations in the afterlife He has, however, been known to take bribes to ferry people to certain destinations, as well.

Special Abilities:

Doesn't need to Breathe, Sleep, or Eat


Immunity to Fire, Acid, Poison, Mind-Affecting abilities, and illusions.

Polyglot: Chigaru has the ability to speak and read any language he wants, as he has dealt with just about every culture in existence, at one point or another.

Telepathy: Chigaru has Telepathy at a range of 100', which means he can speak to any sentient creature within a hundred feet of him, though they cannot telepathically respond, unless they also have telepathy.

Chigaru has the ability to become invisible, at will, though attacking anything returns him to full visibility, and prevents him from returning to invisibility for an hour. He can dismiss the invisibility at will, with no penalties, though.

Chigaru can, if he so chooses, shape-shift so that he looks like a member of any other humanoid race of his equivalent size.


A small bag, containing innumerable books, from his personal library, notable books will be listed below Weapon of Choice

The Lantern of Spirits: This small brass lantern is held from a long gaffing pole, as if it was originally used to light a dark waterway for night travel in a boat. However, the lantern and its pole are extremely light and are carried easily in one hand. When the lantern is lit, it emits a soft glowing light that is blue in color that reveals incorporeal creatures and undead within 120 ft. of the carrier and forces them to manifest fully onto the material plane. This allows the creatures to be struck normally by mundane weapons without the miss chance normally associated with combating incorporeal monsters or undead. Additionally, the carrier may say a command word and force any one incorporeal undead within the radius of the light to be sucked into the lantern and utterly destroyed. When this ability is used, the lantern's light is extinguished and cannot be relit for 10 minutes while the magic is recharging.

A gray robe

A collapsable Scout-Class Starship, interstellar drives. Both Chigaru, and the Lantern of Spirits must be onboard for the controls to function. Chigaru must also be alive for it to work, since the controls are keyed to his pulse and DNA. He keeps the ship docked at Nancy's and not on the planet.

Weapon of Choice: The Lantern of Spirits

The Book of Keeping: The Yugoloth book of names. Contains the true names of many yugoloths whom served under Chigaru, at one time or another.

Demonomicons of Igluww: This book is written by Witch-Queen Igluww herself. It contains various information on Abyssal Lords (how to make Grazzt laugh, how to cause Baphomet to cry, when the best time is to catch Pale Night smiling , etc..), Demon princes, their lairs and Tanar'ri as race.

Transcriptions of The Pact Primevil: The agreement between the lawful deities and the baatezu regarding the punishment of mortal souls. It's got a 300-word preamble so it must have some detailed information on the origin of the baatezu. Copied word-for-word from it's original location...inscribed on a 20 ton ruby in a fortress on Nessus, 9th layer of baator.

There are numerous other books, but those three are the important ones.


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