Dimitri application

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Dimitri application

Post  Silentcoolaid on Tue Jan 25, 2011 12:00 am

(Do grammar better. Approved)

Name of player: stephen
Name of character: Dimitri
Age: 24
Apperance: he alters himself at will but he traditionally appears at 6'4 with blacke hair with red streaks he speaks with a cajuin accent and wears a black trench with a skin tight black shirt and a pair of black slacks
Homeworld: earth prime
History: dimitri grew up in new orelans as a part of gambits "family" with his younger sister. After traing in gambit's unique melee style he awakend his mutant powers. Aftr testing it was discovered he had two rank 5 powers one he called reality which would let him alter reality to his whim he also has a secondary power in psionics. After finishing highschool he went out on his own and travled the world when he truely discovered the true weakness of his power with every thing he change the more his sanity was lost. He has eventually coped with the loss of normal reason and know does whatever he wants listening only to four people in the universe zelm his deity of choice snow a "man" after his own heart gambit man who is a father to him and leon someone who he considers a brother. When his powers manifested his eyes now shift colors randomly which he uses to unnerve opponets.
Personality: varies depending on the secnario he can range from a murdering pyscopath to a complacent scholar
Special abilities: reality rank 5 mutant power
Psionics rank 5 mutant power both maxed
Equipment: whatever he needs he makes
Weapon of choice: when using a weapon he uses a bo staff with a hidden scythe blade
and thermite exploding cards similar to gambit
(Dimitri is a character who will only be in bars uninfluencing general rp and a member of the brute squad)


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