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Post  Zelm on Sat Jan 15, 2011 10:54 pm

(Niu has been approved by Snow. Niu is a special Administrative character. He will not have much bearing on Storyline unless deemed necessary.)

Name of Player: Zelm
Age of Player: 22
Name of your character: Niu
Age of Character: 27ish
Race: Revenant
Species: Recombinant Revenant
Appearance: Niu is about 6’1”, with short, spiked black hair, with bleached white tips. He is about a hundred and eighty pounds, not counting his armor. The armor he wears is enchanted so that, in addition to it’s normal powers, it can disguise itself as any other type of clothing, or suit of armor.

Homeworld: Various

History: Niu has no recollection of his true past, but has snippets of memories from seemingly random people’s histories. The following are a few examples: A nine year old human boy, cursed to vampirism, and then brutally murdered by his father, who saw his form as an abomination. A human crime lord, raised by himself on the streets of London, England. A male drow, who was assimilated into the hive of a group of sentient, hive-minded constructs, and eventually became their king. A human pilot in an army of mecha, who traded his humanity for faster reflexes and immortality. A young elf, who fused himself with a demon to gain strength beyond what normals can get, and, finally, a human boy, raised in a monastery in the plane of absolute chaos, in an attempt to hone his psionics to a deadly edge.

He has no idea where any of these memories came from, or even if any of them are real. All he knows is that he was taken in by a fallen god by the name of Zelm, and raised to the status of Chosen. Since then, he has been working on finding out his own true history. When Zelm met him, he didn’t even have a name, so Zelm called him Niu...the name of an ancient god of Nothing.

Currently, Zelm has Niu investigating new worlds, in an attempt to explore, and see who all is out there that could be interesting to speak to. He also is currently part of the peacekeeping forces of Sculptor Dwarf

Personality: Niu is usually calm, cool, and collected. He also is occasionally prone to cold and calculating moods, usually when tracking someone he was sent after. Niu never physically speaks, either, preferring to use his telepathic communications.

Special Abilities:

Psionics: Niu has practiced with a few psionic powers, all but forsaking the rest. He would need to learn other powers from another psion.

Synesthete: The psion chooses two senses, and switches their input, for example, hearing colors, seeing sounds, tasting textures, feeling flavors. This lasts normally about an hour, unless Niu concentrates on keeping it active.

Dissolving Weapon: Niu coats the blade of his sword with a psionicly-active highly corrosive acid, able to melt through most materials, save for the weapon he uses it on.

Swarm of Crystal: When active, Niu points an open palm at his opponent, and fires a blast of crystal, similar in design to a shotgun made of diamond shards.

Psionic Scent: When active, Niu gains the ability to track by scent as efficiently as a german shepard.

Empathic Transfer: Normally this ability allow the psion to transfer a willing target’s injuries to himself, healing them completely of everything but genetic disorders, diseases, and poisons. However, Niu has adapted it to be able to absorb a poison from someone, into his own body. If poisoned, however, Niu has learned to reverse this power, and place the poison into someone else’s bloodstream, though he cannot inflict his own injuries on other people...Yet.

Concussion Blast: Niu can, after gesturing towards an opponent, fire a blast of concussive force at an opponent, dealing minor damage, and usually either knocking them down, unconcious, or back a few feet, depending how much energy he concentrates into the attack.

Chosen Abilities:
Nondetection: Niu will not show up in visions or powers related to clairvoyance or clairsentience, and as such, cannot be seen when one tries to look to the future, past, or a distant location in the present.

Mind Blank: Niu’s mind shows up as a psionic blank spot, preventing his thoughts from being read by anything short of an extraordinarily powerful god. Note that this does not prevent delivering of telepathic speech, either by Niu, or directed at him.

Lair’s Rebirth: When Niu is killed by normal means, his body is recreated in the lair of his master, in this case, Zelm. The corpse dissolves, as does it’s gear.

Touch of the Void (Zweihander): Niu’s personal zweihander measures six feet in length, a foot and a half in width, and two inches in thickness. The weapon was created from meteoric adamantine, and imbued with several magical abilities. The first is that, despite not being weighted properly, the weapon can be thrown, with ease, by someone strong enough to use it in melee combat. Once thrown, the weapon will, after contact, return to Niu’s hand. Another effect of the enchantments in it, when thrown, the weapon produces two additional copies of itself, aimed at the same target, though from slightly different angles. Niu also has the ability to summon the weapon, if he loses it, as long as it is on the same planet as he is...this includes recreating it, if at least part of it remains on the same world.

Shocker Lizard Studded Leather Armor: Niu’s armor was created from a form of lizard that collects and discharges electricity, and, as such, can be used to absorb electricity, and discharge electricity it has stored.

Cellphone: Niu always carries a cellphone with him, which serves as a direct link to his deity, and little else. This could also be because he doesn’t know any phone numbers. However, his cellphone works regardless of whether there is service in the area or not.

Languages Spoken: Draconic, Elven, Drow, Abyssal, Infernal, Galactic Common, Planar Trade


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