Character Application: Rory Maclaren

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Character Application: Rory Maclaren

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(Accepted. Go.)
Name of Player: Billy
Age Of Player: 23
Name of your character: Rory Maclaren
Age Of Character: 23
Species: Human
Race: Augmentented Human; Cybernetic

Appearance: Rory is a twenty-three year old Scottish American citizen. He has short length black hair and a goatee. The hair of his goatee is mainly black with orange hairs spotting through it, as well as some white ones. Standing six foot two inches tall he’s above average in height. He weighs two hundred and fourty pounds and is of a muscular athletic build. His eyes are polychromatic meaning the color of the iris can shift shade and hue, also pigmentation along a similar spectrum. They are mainly stone blue however.

Home World: Earth Prime.

History: Rory was born and raised in Manhattan, New York. His grandparents emigrated to America from Scotland in the late nineteen-sixties. When his father was born he joined the American military. His father was stationed overseas in Britain. His father was an intelligence officer and encryption specialist. This is where his father had met Rory’s mother. A British engineer working on the base. It was a cliche love story, boy meets girl, boy falls in love, girl leaves country with boy.
When Rory was rather young only three he had already learned how to read. This intrigued both of his parents so they decided to start teaching Rory more and more things. At the age of five his parents bought him mechanical model sets. And this started his obsession with engineering and technology. At the age of twelve Rory had won the Westing House Prize. But as with all smart kids he was picked on and ridiculed so his dad being a military men started getting Rory into more physical things. Football, Hockey even Volleyball. Rory had actually enjoyed playing sports so he did make some friends because of it and people started to just accept him as an athletic nerd.
By the time he had entered high school Rory was a start football player and a straight A student. At the age of seventeen following his fathers footsteps he joined the military. He had signed up for the marines. He graduated from boot camp and because of his fathers reputation he got Rory put into military R&D. His brilliant mind caused him to rise rapidly through the ranks. He was also going to college which because of that he was put into officer candidate school. He graduated a 2ndLieutenant. He graduated with a double degree from MIT in engineering and physics.
At the age of twenty Rory was made a member of a team on a joint venture between the Japanese and American governments for experimental technologies. Part of the reason for Rory being put on the team was he was multi-lingual. He could speak Japanese, German,Russian, Spanish and even taught himself Latin. Rory had moved to Tokyo to help with the project. He actually applied for a substitute teaching job at a local high school helping exchange students and military brats learn Japanese. He also subbed as a science teacher.

Personality: Rory is a rather easy going kind of guy. He is a bit paranoid from being a marine, this comes from being shot at, a lot. He is intelligent and quirky and can sometimes be caught talking to himself, but no real mental issues. He does however have a real short temper, this once again stems from being trained as a marine and being shot at, a lot.

Special Abilities: Rory had spent most of his life enhancing his mind and body, with studying, and especially his military background. Being in experimental R&D Rory was given special privileges with his own personal projects. He had fashioned himself a few things he always kept on his person, mainly because he was a bit paranoid.
The first of these is a sword, but it’s not an ordinary sword. The blade is crafted from 1090 Carbon Steel. He chose this for it’s extremely high strength. The blade is thirty two inches in length and an inch and a quarter in width. At it’s thickest point it is just over a quarter inch. He crafted it like a ninja-to because he had always been an anime fan and thought ninja-to’s looked cool. Even though they are fictional swords more or less. The hilt is made from high grade ABS plastics and wrapped in silk also the blade is full tang. However inside of the hilt he crafted a small ultra sonic generator effectively crafting a vibro blade. Because of the ultra sonic frequencies traveling through the blade it doesn't appear to move however it is capable of slicing through Osmium like a hot knife through butter. The blade itself doesn't really make contact. On a nano level the ultrasonic frequencies start to shatter molecular bonds. Now because the blade is actually the focal point for the frequencies it is unaffected by them.

The next thing he crafted were actually muscular implants for soldiers on the battle field augmenting and enhancing their abilities. Of course Rory wanted the first working ones. His prototypes were a bit higher end because you always craft something from the best then work backwards for cost effectiveness. The implants are placed in the bodies major muscle groups. At their most effectiveness they can increase his natural attributes by 1000% This also includes circulatory and respiratory system. They work by increasing the bodies removal of the lactic acid build up in real time. They inject a compound that neutralizes the lactic acid. This causes a great increase in a persons endurance allowing them to continue strenuous physical activity for a much longer time. They also send signals to the adrenal glands to produce up to a maximum of ten times the normal amount of adrenaline. This also causes ones fight or flight response to be incredibly heightened and give ones reflexes a much faster response time, this is most notable if one had the implants the world would seem to slow down around you. Because of this the circulatory and respiratory system are able to keep up pumping oxygenated blood faster through the body and causing the lungs to increase the amount of oxygen imbued into the red blood cells. The physical increase is very noticeable. They cause the proteins of the muscles to become more tightly grouped together. This causes a great increase in physical strength. However the implants are connected to the bodies own nuero-electrical system. They act like a voluntary muscle system and in this way they never break down, but are subject to the same types of needs. A person with out the implants normally needs six to eight hours of sleep to fully recover and two thousand calories on average. A person with the implants needs eight to ten hours of sleep and roughly five thousand calories a day. That is because the implants are charged by the bodies own electrical system. The energy created by calories and electrolytes fuels the implants. It’s like if an athlete didn’t eat enough or get enough sleep he wouldn’t be at peak performance, the implants work the same way. As for his martial prowess, Rory was trained as a marine. CQC combat is second nature to him.

Equipment: Rory always carries his sword with him where ever he goes. He keeps it under his duster so as to not scare anyone. He always wears his pair of custom Kevlar shooting gloves. Rory always seems to wear the same thing. A pair of black boots, jeans, a long sleeve black t-shirt, black Oakley sunglasses and his duster, unless it's winter, then he leaves that and the sword at home. Yes Rory is able to carry a gun on him, and if he takes that instead of the sword it is a custom FN Five-seveN. Complete with laser sight. Rory drives a black 2000 Camaro SS as well.

Weapon(s) of Choice: Rory only uses his sword, his pistol, or will fight melee.[strike]

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